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Manage Team Members Privileges
Manage Team Members Privileges

Assign specific permissions to your team members.

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Team members can be either Admins or Non-admins. You can promote (or demote) team members on the "Team" page.ย 

  • Admins have access to Inbox items from all the team members, plus all menu options (except the 'Billing' page).

  • Non-admins only have access to their inbox calls and texts, their My Direct Number page, the Call Flows where they are configured on, and their own Notifications, Greetings and Find Me.

You can also manage specific privileges for team members by giving them access to see calls and texts associated with specific Call Flows in your account. Just click on the 'Edit Privileges' button and select which sections should be visible to the team member.

Remember ! The "Operators" configured on your Call Flows can automatically see calls coming into those lines, even if they are non-admins.

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