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How to setup and use your Fax
How to setup and use your Fax

Learn how configure a phone number to send & receive Faxes

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You can use your account to send and receive Faxes.

- Setting up your Fax Number to receive Faxes

Any of  your numbers to receive faxes. Just go to the 'Phone Numbers' page in the app (under "My Settings" in the left side navigation).

Then click on the drop-down menu associated with the number you want to use for inbound faxes. Select the "Receive Fax" option from the list. 

The number you selected is now configured to receive faxes! You will be able to view them on the 'Faxes' page on the left menu.

To download the Fax, simply right click on the document, then select "Print...":

Then select "Save as PDF" on the destination, and finally click "Save".

Remember !  Once a number is assigned to 'Receive Faxes', it requires to be dedicated just for faxing purposes, and won't be able to receive calls and texts anymore, until you change it back to any other Call Flow.

- Sending Faxes

To send a Fax, go to your "Faxes" page on the left menu:

Then, just click on the green 'Send a Fax' button.

Now, fill in the following fields:

  • To Number: This will be the number where you will send the fax to.

  • From Number: This will be the number that will show as the sender. You can use any number here, but keep in mind that only numbers configured to Receive Faxes will be able to receive them, so it's a good idea to use your faxing number here so they can send back a fax.

  • Choose File: You can drop your file here, or click to browse your file. We only accept PDF and Image files. Remember that fax is an old communication protocol, so if your file is large (more than 3-4 MB on size) it will take very long to be sent, and it's possible that it will fail. Try to keep your files small.

When you are done, just click on 'Send a Fax' and the fax will get sent.

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