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Using the Built In Dialer
How to Place Calls on your App
How to Place Calls on your App

Learn how to use our system to make calls on your Computer or Cellphone.

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You have 2 places where you can place calls: Your computer browser App, and the smartphone app.

Placing calls on your computer browser

  • First, make sure you are using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, as other browsers won't work.

  • On the right section of your dashboard, you should see the Dialer, which is pretty easy to use. Check the grey label on top of the dialer. It should say 'READY' (as you can see on the following image), meaning you are all set to place your call. If it doesn't, please refresh your browser 2-3 times until it shows. Don't hesitate to contact us if the label doesn't change.

  • On the 'DIAL' section, enter the number you want to call. You can click on the box and use your keyboard, or click on the numbers. Once done, press Enter, or click on 'Call'. Your call will be initiated now!

  • Keep in mind that, if this is the first time you are placing the call, you will see the following notice (it can change depending on your browser:

Make sure you select the appropriate Microphone device from the dropdown menu, and then click on 'Share Selected Device' (or 'Allow' on Google Chrome). Without the correct permissions, the call will not start at all and can cause issues.

Placing calls on your Cellphone App

The procedure to make calls on your cellphone app is the same as the one on your computer, with a key difference: the call will be placed by using your regular smartphone dial app and cellular network. This makes the call more reliable than when using other VOIP apps, and is not based on your Internet connection.

If you want to change the number that you will use as Caller ID (the one people will see when they receive your call), check out this article.

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