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Creating Team Member Accounts
Creating Team Member Accounts

Learn how to manually create a new Team Member account

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You can create the account for your team member manually instead of inviting him. To do this, simply head over to your "My Team" page:

And click on the 'Create Account' button:

You will now need to fill in their username, account names, email, phone number, time zone and password. Then you can share the account details with your team member.

This new user will have his own User Account, with his own inbox items, greetings and App Dialer to place and receive calls. You as the Account Owner, will be able to route calls to their "User" from your Call Flows (more info about this here ).

Remember ! Each new User Account is $20 per month. If you are planning to add more than 10 users, feel free to reach us for special pricing at .

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