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How to Set-Up Your Account For Your Team
How to Set-Up Your Account For Your Team
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This series of articles are intended for Users that want to configure their account for a team. We assume that you know how to setup your account, reserve numbers, setup greetings and use the dialer for one user. If you don't, please check out this article for single users.

This collection of articles cover everything you need to know about adding team members to your group: managing privileges, removing users and customizing your team.

Call Flows are the basis for configuring how your calls are routed. Here you'll learn how to:

  • Route calls out to one, or several team members to receive the call at the same time.

  • Assign a phone number to a specific Call Flows, so you can create Lead Sources or different Ring Groups for your Members.

  • Setup an 'Automated Menu' (also called IVR or Phone Tree) with options, and redirect calls to other Call Flows or Team Members based on the option selected

Finally, these articles will help you to use your and your Team Members' inbox, and keep it organized.

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