Auto SMS Responses

Configure automatic text replies when people send a text to your numbers.

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As you surely know, with your account you can receive texts on your numbers, as they all are SMS enabled. However, you can setup an Automatic SMS Response, so whenever you receive a text on your lines with a specific word or phrase, your account can reply back with a customized text that you previously configured. Here is how:

  • Go to the Call Flow or the 'My Direct Number' page that has the phone number assigned where you wish to configure the Auto SMS Response.

  • Click on the 'Auto SMS Responses' button, located at the bottom of the page. 

  • Click on the '+ Add Option' button to create a new Auto SMS Response.

  • Now you'll find the following options that you need to configure:

Trigger Text: This is the word or phrase that people need to send to your number so the Auto SMS response can be triggered.
Auto Response: This is the text that will be sent when the Trigger Text is Received.
Delay: Time in seconds that the system will wait before sending the Auto Response.
Tag: An optional label that will be applied to the text on your inbox. It could be
helpful so you can identify this specific Auto SMS Response among others.

  • Click on 'Save Text Replies' when done.

The Auto SMS Response will be configured now, and will start sending out as soon as someone sends the Trigger Text to the Phone Number that is associated with the Call Flow.

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