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Adding Contacts

Find out how to add Contacts to your account

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There are 2 ways to add Contacts on your account:

First Method

If you want to add a call or text located on your inbox to your Contacts, just click on it to expand it, and then click on the 'More' button:

Then click on 'Contact':

The default caller information will show. Click on 'Edit' to modify it:

Fill in or edit all fields that you want to use, and hit Save when done.

Second Method:

You can manually add a Contact even if it doesn't show on your inbox. Just head over to your 'Contacts' page on the left menu:

Then just click on 'Add New Contact' button:

Again, just fill in the fields that you wish to have for this Contact. All information will get stored for future usage.

Remember ! If you already have a Contact list, check out this article to import them to your account.

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