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How to create an Automated Menu
How to create an Automated Menu

Learn how to configure Automated Menus with options (also called IVR, or Phone Tree)

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he "Automated Menu" section gives you the opportunity to create a menu with options for your callers to interact with (also called IVR, or Phone Tree). To configure it, you will have to work with Call Flows. Check out a quick overview about them here.

Follow these steps to create one for your system:

  • First, create a new Call Flow. Go to 'Call Flows' and click on 'Add New', then name the Call Flow 'Main Menu' or something similar. as this will be the call flow with the menu configured.

  • Then create one new Call Flow for each Menu Option that you will have on your phone tree, and give them appropriate names. It could be the agent’s name, department, etc. Just like in the following example:

  • Once you create them, refresh your browser. Then, go to your 'Main Menu' Call Flow, and we will assign the phone number that you want to configure with the menu, so when people call that number they will reach it right away. Click on 'Choose Existing' and then select your number(s) from the dropdown menu.

  • Next, ignore the 'Receive Calls' section and go straight to 'Automated Menu'. First thing is to configure your greeting on the 'Instructions' section: You can record a new audio, or type in a text that will be read by a robot voice. This greeting should say something like "Thank you for calling. Please press 1 if you want to sell your house, press 2 if you want to buy, etc.". 

  • After you create the greeting, click on 'Add Menu option' as many times as options that you want to have. Have each option to go to 'Forward To Call Flow' and select the appropriate Call Flow. 

  • You can also configure a 'Redirect' in case you want to have a destination if no keys are pressed by the caller on the menu. In the following example, calls will go to Alexander.

  • Click on 'Save' on the top section. The menu is now configured! 

  • Finally, just head over to each of your options Call Flows, and setup their own call routing (which could be for example, forwarding the call to a user for option 1, a group of users for option 2, and straight to a voicemail box for option 3).

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