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Configure your Phone Forwarding
Configure your Phone Forwarding

Learn how to setup your Find Me settings

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The "Find Me" page located under "My Settings" is where you will set all of the places you'd like the app to forward your calls to.

On this page, you'll see the options to:

  1. Forward calls out to "Devices": Use this if you'd like to use VoIP to receive calls on the web and/or in our mobile apps, be sure to check off "Web & Mobile Apps".

  2. Forward calls out to external phone numbers: Use this if you would like calls to forward out to your cell phone. Simply type your cell phone number in one of the "Forwarding Numbers" boxes.

These settings apply to any call that is forwarded to your "User", it could be on your 'My Direct Number' page or on any Call Flow.

As an example, on the following Call Flow, the user "Alexander G. Bell" is configured as an Operator.

This means that we will ring calls to Alexander based on how he has his 'Find Me' configured (could be that he wants to receive calls on his cellphone, or on his mobile app).

Remember ! If there are other users on the Team, we would also follow the 'Find Me' rules configured that user, as each user can have different 'Find Me' settings.

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