Inviting Team Members

Learn how to invite a new Team Member to your Group.

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Your "Team" page is the place where you will be able to invite other people to create an account and be added as a "User" within your group. This is the easiest way to add a member.

To invite another user, simply fill in their email address that appears when clicking the 'Invite Team Members' button.

They will receive an email asking them to create a password and log in. Their account will automatically be added to your Team.

This new user will have his own User Account, with his own inbox items, greetings and App Dialer to place and receive calls. You as the Account Owner, will be able to route calls to their "User" from your Call Flows (more info about this here ).

Remember ! Each new User Account is $20 per month (includes one extra phone number, and unlimited domestic calls and texts). If you are planning to add more than 10 users, feel free to reach us for special pricing at

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