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Reserving Phone Numbers
Reserving Phone Numbers

How to select and reserve your local or toll free numbers.

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If you want to reserve a new Phone Number, just head over to your 'Phone Numbers' page on the left menu (located under 'My Settings'):

And click on the 'Reserve New Number' button.

A new window will open. Here you can:

  • Decide if you want a Local Number, or Toll-Free Number.

  • Select if you want a US, Canada or Mexico number.ย 

  • Filter numbers by Area code, specific digits, region or postal code.

Once you type in a filter (like an area code in the following example), we will give you a list of our available numbers that match that filter.

Just click on 'Select' to reserve that number. You can give it a label too so you can identify this number easily (something like "Sales Number", "Website Number", "John Doe's Direct Number", etc.).

Finally, decide the destination for this number from the dropdown menu. For example, selecting the 'User: ' option will assign this number to your 'My Direct Number' page.

Remember ! Do not leave the dropdown menu on the 'Choose a Template' option, as this means the number won't have a destination configured, thus causing any call to this number to give a 'Service Unavailable' error message to the caller.

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