What are "Call Flows"?

Learn everything you can do with Call Flows

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Call Flows are the basis for configuring how your calls are routed. With Call Flows, you can:

  • Route calls out to one, or several team members to receive the call at the same time.

  • Assign a phone number to a specific Call Flow. This is nice if you want to have a dedicated support or sales number that routes straight to your sales or support team members (it would be one Call Flow, per team/department).

  • Setup an 'Automated Menu' (also called IVR or Phone Tree) with options, and redirect calls to other Call Flows based on the option selected.

  • Configure Automatic Text Replies, and customized Voicemail greetings (you could have Call Flows with different greetings).

And you can create as many Call Flows as needed for your Business! Learn how to configure your Call Flows here.

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