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How is this service better than Google Voice?
How is this service better than Google Voice?
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Our online phone system is similar to Google Voice in that we both provide virtual phone numbers that can be routed to other phone numbers. However, our numbers have many more configuration options and features. In short, our virtual numbers can be configured to do almost anything using our Business Line, Call Flows, or the Drag-Drop call flow wizard.

Examples of what you can do include:

  • Send an automatic text with a website URL to all first-time callers

  • Automatically create a new contact in your CRM when you miss a call from a new caller

  • Create a menu that can route callers back to the home office based on their needs

  • Dynamically change what greetings and menus callers encounter based on their caller ID, area code, call group, if they are a first-time caller, and more

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