Yes you can. We can arrange to have any of your existing toll free number(s) easily transferred to us. Please remember, you are only changing service providers, you will still retain ownership of your number(s).

For local numbers, the local number(s) you wish to transfer must be within our coverage area. Please check your existing local number(s) for coverage.  Please check with our support staff to make sure that they are eligible for transfer before proceeding.

If your local number(s) are not in our coverage area you can order a new local number from us. You can check for local numbers in your desired area using our reserve a number feature or by contacting support.  You can also have your local phone company forward your existing local number(s) to your toll free or local number. Since there may be different types of call forwarding offered by your provider, please be sure to specify that they "forward and release" your calls.

There is no charge to port a telephone number and the turnaround time is typically 1-week.

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