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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to cancel my subscription easily if needed?
Can I integrate to my CRM and other applications?
Can I send SMS messages and automated SMS message?
Can I dial and text my existing smartphone contacts?
Is the Android or iOS App required to use the service?
How is this service better than Google Voice?
Is click to call available with the online phone service?
Can I transfer calls using the phone service?
What is this service?
Does my account offer a conference bridge and how many users can be on the bridge?
Is voicemail included?
Can we record our telephone calls?
Can I send faxes with the virtual mobile phone system?
Do I have to record the greetings in my own voice?
Do I need to download a smartphone app to use these services?
Can my account be used as a standalone voicemail system whenever we don't answer the phone?
How do I distinguish a call as coming from my virtual number and not a personal call?
Can I have multiple toll free or local numbers on the same account?
Who owns the numbers that are assigned to my account and can I port or transfer them?
Can I port/transfer my existing toll free or local number to your service? What is the fee?
Can I request a specific (vanity) phone number?
What features are included with the service?
Do I need special equipment to make this work?
How long does it take to activate my number?
Do you offer service for International Callers?
Can I switch to another plan after I sign up?
Does this service require a contract?
Can I use your service If I live in Canada?
What are my payment options?
How many lines and numbers can I purchase?
Is there a setup fee?
Is there a free trial?
Does this online phone replace my office phone system?
What is the virtual mobile phone system and how can it help my business?
Can I import my existing contacts into my account?
Can I forward my existing office or business phones into my account?
Can I use this service for my entire team?